Are you wondering why I am advising to drive slowly? Of course to keep yourself safe and keep your distance please. Other reason is because you should not miss the hidden treasure of Cyprus.

While I was driving to visit some villages such as Lofou – Lania and milomeri waterfalls, I catch up some lovely places.


1.1 Before I reach Lofou village ( I went from the road from Limasol to Lofou) I saw Kouris Dam on my left hand side.

We stopped in Trikomitis to fill up the tank is Epson Petrol Station and accidentally on my left hand side I heart waterfall noises. From curiosity I walked and I noticed that Trikomitis dam was overflowed.

1.2 The video below show Trikomiti’s Dams overflowed. Such a nice place to visit. On our way to our destination we pass though Agios Gewrgios Villlage.

1.3 Agios Gewrgios Village short video passing

Also we have some funny experience! On our way we saw a lot of ” pedestrians” cutting us the road !!!

Dont forget to enjoy green Cyprus and countryside!


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