When we book for holidays we are so excited. I am too. I start my research before my arrival day. I research for things to do and places to visit please. But my expectations in the beginning is too high and I want to see everything. That is wrong strategy if you want to make most of your time on your holidays. What are the tips to make most of your time on your holidays? You need first of all to maintain your health and be healthy on your holidays to make most of your time.

Keep yourself healthy. Take care your boby, mind and behaviors. Your emotions and positive thoughts are associated with your holidays mood. Behavior also can influence your holidays.

Set up a realistic expectations. Setting sky-high and unrealistic expectations only leads to disappointment and distress and leaves you missing out. Keep in mind if you are traveling with kids, partner, friends it is important factor. Realistic day trip

Maintain some of your routines. Some people get stressed when their routines are broken. “Keep some of your grounding rituals in the mix if that make you feel less stress, such as daily fitness and sleeping habits. These activities give you more energy and are key stress relievers. I get use to eat something for breakfast for example and carry with me always water

Now in the practical side. You can safe time on your holidays by

Taking fewer photos. Instead of taking many photos take your time and take one really nice and professional photo. Few photos with perfect inspiration

Be less organized: Be less organized and spend less time in overthinking and decision making. Spontaneous decision according to researchers lead to better outcomes. Be flexible

Every time you are travelling in you and your mood which can make the difference. If you set up your mind in travelling mood , there is way to not make most of your time in your holidays even without reading this article!

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