Tips : How to use social media in order to not waste your time

  1. Set Daily Goals. Set up how many hours would you like to spend online! There are some application that can calculate how much time you spend online . I use one called your hour, it mentioned how much time you use you phone and which applications you are using the most
  2. Get in a Routine. Try to follow your target everyday and find other activities and hobbies to do rather than holding the phone
  3. Schedule Email, Text, and Social Media Breaks. Check your once or two times and set time ! I always check them at morning and at night aruond 20.00 but not before to get ready to sleep
  4. Use Time Blocking. Block all the unnecessary appls , articles , news that can be headache and disturb get disconnected from virtual reality and brainwash
  5. Set timers. Very good for now wasting your time for a long holding the phone and complaining that you are running out of time.
  6. Shut Off Notifications or Log Out. …
  7. Remove Apps Completely.

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