We are looking forward for our holidays and would like to share our happiness with our social media friends! I do the same too! But after this article I am not sure if I will still going to share my countdown of my holidays and where I am going unless I make sure that my privacy is safe!

Sad reality it’s not just your friends and people who actually car who see your online social activity especially when you are on holidays!!!You increase the probability of someone entering your houses at home and steal you money , furniture etc. This is extreme case but still is one case.

But lets analyse how phone CAN’T DESTROY OUR HOLIDAYS!

Before you reach to  your destination clarify in your mind for what reason you would you like to use your phone! For taking photos , for accepting phone calls , for not answering any phone calls. Then you will know when you can use it and how.

If you feel like you can delete or deactivate some apps that disturbs your inner peace and then activate them when you go back home.

Super idea is to turn off all notification your priority is your holidays and your closer adorable people!   You can choose flight mode or do not disturb on your phone and then people can leave their messages

Another good idea is to take with you camera and instead of taking photos for the phone, you can take photos from camera!


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