Aphrodite’s Rock is the ocean birthplace of the mythical Greek goddess of love and beauty. According to legend, she rose from the water in 1,200 B.C. and chose to start her worldly life from this large rock. Visit the serene pebble beach nearby to see the sunlit waters during the day and stay for the romantic views when the sun descends beyond the horizon.

Walk through the small stone tunnel at the entrance to the beach to see the remarkable rock appear to emerge at the other end. Enjoy the view of the historic stone against a backdrop of the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Sunbathe on the tiny stones of the beach and cool off in the water. Legends say that anyone who swims around Aphrodite’s Rock three times will stay beautiful for eternity. Be careful in the sea, however, as the waves in the region are quite rough.

Climb to the top of one of the cliffs for a panoramic vista of the sea, the rock and the rough landscape. Watch the sky and sea changing hues as the sun sets.

The serene atmosphere around the rock makes it an ideal spot for a quiet picnic with friends and family. Relax with popular Cypriot seafood dishes, such as calamari or sea bass. Walk along the shoreline and spot Saracen Rock, which refers to another myth about Byzantine hero Digenis Akritas, who hurled this very large rock at a Saracen invaders.