We are family business with more than 20 years experiences in the field of rentals in Cyprus

Before I start providing you more information how to contact us, and what prices including I would like to say a BIG THANK you to all of my repeating and new customers. Sometimes when you speak with some repeating customers it is not just business. Working in car hire it is not just to rent a car, cars is the excuse to meet lovely people , to share your experiences and sometimes people do share their story , their deep story. Thank you for letting us to be part of your life sometimes and thank you for becoming our family. 🙂

Windmills Car Hire Family Business

  • -full insurance
  • -only car hire with full tank policy
  • -free additional driver
  • -no deposits

Contact us :

Thank you lovely customers for choosing us! Thank you all customers worldwide bur especially United Kingdom for all this year!

Thank you a lot Russian as well and we are happy to provide you our service

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